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- Bazzer - 03-18-2011

When you think it is good,it just gets better. I'm referring to Aye Tides for iPad, not a cheap app, but well worth $9.99 in my view. Now all I want is for inavx to calculate how long a route will take if I give it a start time. Or how about what time I should set out if I want to arrive at the golden gate bridge at slack tide if I leave Benicia and make 5knots,!!!

- Fred182 - 06-08-2011

I just bought Aye Tides and don't see currents. Am I missing something?

- AugustH - 06-08-2011

You must be looking at a tide station. There are two types of stations in AyeTides, currents (tidal streams) and tides. You don't see the depth at a current station and you don't see the current at a tide station. To see the nearest current station, tap on the info button (the 'i'), select "Find Nearby Stations" and look for the first station that's in bold. Alternatively, go to the main view's Find a Station menu and in the Alphabetical list, tap the search button and enter the word "Current". This will show you all the current stations in AyeTides.

There is a page at that describes in more detail the differences between the two stations. There is also a help section under "About AyeTides" on the main menu.