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Title: AIS connection location
First, I love iNavx and have used it to augment my on board navigation tools for about five years. Last summer I added an AIS server and use it to see targets on iNavx. My question is about the awkward location of the AIS connection screen. To get to it, the user needs to Leave the current chart, back two screens, go into preferences, TCP/IP NMEA client, turn on the client and save. That's a lot of steps, but the worst part is there is no way to get back to my chart; am I missing something or can iNavx be made to remember which chart I was on and provide a way to resume without having to select a low res chart from the list and drill back to my detailed chart?
from the list an
Yes, it does take a lot of steps but you can climb back to the original chart that you were on with a few more steps:

Save>iNavX>your chart package>Clock (top right)>original chart>
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 Jon Longworth

Thanks Jade, that helps!

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