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Title: Adding bu353s4 to my Mac ,failed
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After several attempts, I even had to reboot , a teck looked at it 
Still does not work 
I received a small disk with the gps , can’t use it
Tried to download the driver from the cie , several time 
I can’t find with USB port it uses to apply it to open Cpn
Help please before I use a hammer and crush that piece of S » » »

I found Francis Fustier's article for installing the BU-353 on a Mac. This article is old but it contains a link to download the Prolific PL2303 USB driver for macOS 10.13.

It may help if you told us what version of macOS you have and what other application (software package) you are trying to use with the BU-353 in addition to OpenCPN.

Here is the official Prolific download site for their driver on macOS 10.15:

Prolific added this special note on the installation for macOS 10.13 to 10.15:
"NOTE: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 introduces a new feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party kernel extensions. Go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy and click Allow."

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…and there is also this post on the subject on MacSailing.net:
I have Mac OS high Sierra and plan to use the gps only for open cpn.
I used the high Sierra download ,
My Mac would not open again after the download ,
Had to go to the teck man to reboot without loosing all my files .
I will try it again ,
Thank you Jade .
Happy wind

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