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Title: BoatLog (v1.0)
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BoatLog is available for download now.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Leopard) & Bentoâ„¢ from www.filemaker.com

Keynote users: https://secure.filesanywhere.com/v.asp?v...Fbu%ACk%98

Powerpoint users: https://secure.filesanywhere.com/v.asp?v...v%AF%B2%A9

Pamphlet: https://secure.filesanywhere.com/v.asp?v...q%B9%A1%99
— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth

Thanks for developing this program Jon. Much appreciated.


Jim, you're welcome!

Thanks to you and the other beta testers, BoatLog is a far better "resource and tool for all boaters".

BoatLog is free of charge to members of this forum and users of MacENCâ„¢ or GPSNavX.

To those of you who want to try BoatLog, you can obtain a free trial version of Bentoâ„¢ at this site:
— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth

Thx Jon.

BoatLog is just great and has many more features than I need.

The new international version of Bento, now completely eliminates the need for converting CSV files. Everything is imported as it should be!

Thx again. Great work.


BoatLog (v1.1) is available to download now. Use the same links as posted above.

Version 1.1 adds ADIF 2 support for the radio log and several minor enhancements. Check the revision list at the link below to decide if you need this version:

— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth

For those who have downloaded BoatLog (v1.1), I have posted an update to the ADIF scripts. The file (224KB) can be downloaded here:


This update (v1.1) corrects a problem encountered when exporting Comments containing commas or semi-colons from the Radio Log.
— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth

Hi! Where can I download BoatLog?

Hi Arne,

In the first message of this topic (see above) there are 4 links. If you want BoatLog and the documentation in Powerpoint, click on the link for "Powerpoint users:". If you use Keynote instead, click on the link for "Keynote users:"

These links will automatically direct you to a download site. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the BoatLog package that includes both the database and documentation kit.

If you have any questions, please send me a private message (using MY FUSION at the top left of this forum). I will be glad to help. Smile
— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth

Hi all,

I apologize for reviving a old thread, but the links above do not seem to work anymore. Are there updated links to BoatLog and the documentation? I plan on using BoatLog, provided it serves my needs, in conjunction with MacENC.

Hi Frdmfghtr,

I sent you a private message (click on the "My Fusion" button at the top left of this Forum page) with the links to download BoatLog.
— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth


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