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Title: CMAP-Crossover-OSX 256 palette problem
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Hi all,

Anyone here have a run-around or fix for the following?.....

I'm trying to run CMAP on OSX 10.5.6 using CodeWeaver's CrossOver for Windows apps on Mac but CMAP needs the 256 color mode. Our Macbook has the 256 color selection grayed out leaving thousands or millions. The CMAP configuration program runs, but we are missing bsb charts for a couple key areas and need access to our CMAP info. Normally we run our GPSNAVX but in this case we need CMAP (need Torres Strait and some west PNG charts we can't find without buying a large package).

Any help, advice would be appreciated if there's a way to "fool" the program or get that 256 palette to become active. Maybe this has been gone over somewhere else in the forum?

many thanks!
I am running cmap's pc planner on a vmware virtual machine.

You can buy cheap navionics charts of that area for the ipod touch but it will require 3 packages as n.australia, s.png, and western png are in different areas.
Second that, cmap using 256 colour palette runs fine on vmware fusion on imac win xp. there is a trial available 30 days I think, may cover your trip!
256 colorss? seems you try to install the ancient CMAPENC to display CM93/2 charts.
If so, why not give openCPN a try?
A new cross platform navigation software, displays ENCs, KAP, CM93/2 (latest chart set from May 2009, not to be confused with CM93/3, the new official standard)
so how do you get it to open CM93/2 on a mac?
No luck with open CPN on a MAC as yet as I don't have the confidence to do the command line stuff. May use UBUNTU or similar LINUX to play around with rather than screw up my mac-mini!
openCPN latest version available now is much improved and works well on an aged DEll latitude C640 with only 512k RAM. On Asus eeepc openCPN works well with CM (Ooold)93 and a somewhat newer revision 2002 works also. However with raster (old SHOM french charts) the slow read/write speed of the solid state drive is a bit much to bear.Good sailing to all.

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