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Title: Creating Routes on the Chart
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1) Check "Show Selected" on the "Routes" menu.

2) Open the "Route" window via the "Routes" menu.

3) Select "New" button to create a Route.

4) Minimize the "Routes" window using the yellow (-) button in the upper left hand corner of the "Routes" window. Minimizing prevents the Routes window from popping up over the Chart.

5) Select "Measure" mode on the toolbar.

6) Waypoints can be added to the new route by [command] double-clicking on the chart. [command] double-clicking on an existing waypoint name on the chart will add the waypoint to the selected route.

7) Minimize the "Waypoints" window.

8) Repeat step 6 for each waypoint in the route.


A waypoint can be inserted in the selected route by selecting a waypoint in the Route that you want the new waypoint to inserted after.

Waypoints can also be added to the Route by [control] clicking on a waypoint name on the chart and selecting "Add To Route" on the context menu.

Waypoints can also be added to the Route by selecting "Add Waypoint" button on the "Routes" window and then selecting a waypoint from the menu.

Waypoints can be dragged from the Waypoints window to a route in the Routes window.

Waypoints can be dragged within the Routes window to change their order or from the Waypoints window into a Route.

Waypoints can be moved on the Chart by selecting the Waypoint move mode on the toolbar. Move the mouse cursor over the waypoint name on the chart. The cursor will turn to a cross. Drag waypoint to desired location.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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