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Title: Downloading NOAA BSB Raster Charts
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NOAA offers the NOAA BSB Raster Charts to download. Unfortunately the default way the zip files download cause each chart to be put in a separate folder. Which makes organization difficult. In order to remedy this, the free X-Traverse application supports downloading regions from the NOAA server. Note: An X-Traverse account is not required.

Follow these steps:

1) Download the X-Traverse application from here ..


2) Launch the X-Traverse application (note: Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. OS X 10.8 and later users [control] click on X-Traverse icon and select "Open" from the context menu.)

3) Select "NOAA Charts..." button.

4) Select the desired region.

5) Select the top level folder you want the charts stored in. For example if you select "Charts", then the charts files will be stored in "Charts / Region name".

6) Repeat steps 3..5 for each desired region.


To use the NOAA BSB Raster Charts with GPSNavX

1) Launch GPSNavX

2) Select the "Open Chart..." menu item on the "File" menu.

3) Select the "Folder..." button.

4) Choose the top level FOLDER. For example "Charts".

5) Now all the region(s) will list below the World chart.

To use the NOAA BSB Raster Charts with MacENC

1) Launch MacENC.

2) Select "Chart Manager" on the "File" menu.

3) Select "Add Chart Folder..." button.

4) Select the specific region (i.e. NOAA Pacific North West).

5) Select the "Add Folder..." button.

6) Now the Charts will be available in the MacENC Chart Manager

7) Repeat steps 3 .. 5 for each region(s).
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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