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Title: E80 Interface
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I'm trying to clarify the specific hardware and software necessary to integrate my iPad (with the Navionics app) and a Raymarine E80. If that is already documented somewhere on this forum, please supply a link.


1) Does Navionics process the Seatalk data directly or does it need something like iMux to do a Seatalk to NMEA conversion for it?

2) Is there any other hardware or software required in order to upload/download routes and waypoints to the E80?

3) What is the purpose of the Plotter Sync app?

4) Does the Navionics app, alone or with Plotter Sync, provide a real-time instrument repeater function?
As Navionics does not monitor this forum you would be better off contacting Navionics directly..


Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
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 Jon Longworth

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 Jon Longworth

Hi Jeffc, are you still with us? I hope so. I know this post is aged, but has been bumped a few times for interest level, and its a project I'm working through now. iNavx, in my conversations with them, indicate that their product will interface with a NMEA server (don't think full computer as that's not necessary). This can be an integrated device such as this one from Digital Yacht: http://www.digitalyachtamerica.com/index...-4800-baud

I'll keep you posted on my progress as I set this up.
Capt. Salty Russ
USCG 100T Ocean Master
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