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Title: Easier route creation
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Hi there,

iNavX is a very nice product, but I find the way that routes are created very clumsy. I first need to create all the waypoints and only then can I create a route. On my chart plotter (and to my recollection a number of other iOS/Android charting solutions) it's much easier as I can just click Add Route directly from the chart and start adding a route.

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Hi builder,

I am also happy INAVX user, and not very happy regarding the route setup. Have seen the You Tube.

very convenient route creator is the MacSea Ipad app. very easy and user friendly. Would be good to upgrade this.
Quote:I first need to create all the waypoints and only then can I create a route

There is another, easier way:

• add a new route before you create the waypoints for it
• return to the chart
• tap the chart to add a new waypoint
• double tap the waypoint you just added and select Add to route!
• tap the chart to add the next waypoint
• double tap the second waypoint and select Add to route!
• etc.

As you add waypoints a dotted blue line shows the route segments.
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 Jon Longworth

The method you describe is documented here (including a video)..

Scott Dillon
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Hi - I think the 'easier way' described above isn't that intuitive. it's easily forgotten when you don't have the instructions.

Why oh why can't we have something really simple like a button for creating a route. Hit that then add and edit waypoints quickly.

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