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Title: Exporting routes
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Thanks for a great App.

However, I wonder if it's possible to export waypoints and routes via a WiFi interface, such as iMux or 2Wi, through its NMEA connection to a chartplotter? If not, that is my first improvement suggestion.

Secondly, is there any possibility to export several (all or selected) routes at once? Today, I can only export one at a time to x-traverse. I have 140+ routes.That causes a lot of tapping back and forth today... My second suggestion: Why not having the export option in the routes section as well where you can make a multiple/all selection to export?

Exporting waypoints and routes from iNavX to my Raymarine chartplotter is a huge effort today. First, I export waypoints to x-traverse and then each route, one by one. Secondly, I need to have a PC (who wants that if you are sold on iThings?) with the RayTech Planner software and a Navionics card reader. Thirdly, I need to convert the x-traverse files, one by one, in a file conversion utility before uploading in RayTech. Fourth, I save each file to a CF card. Fifth, I enter the CF card in my chartplotter and upload the waypoints and routes, praying that everything goes well. Couldn't life be much easier...? (see suggestion one above)
Waypoints can be exported via NMEA data with the iMux or 2Wi multiplexers. Use the "Transfer" button in the iNavX TCP/IP NMEA view. This is supported using the $GPWPL NMEA sentence that most chart plotters support. Unfortunately there is not a reliable way to transfer a route via NMEA data.

Right now route exporting is one route at a time. Multiple route export is a great suggestion and will be considered for a future release.

It's unfortunate that Raymarine does not support the common GPX format for waypoints/route import.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
The next release will support exporting ALL routes to gpx file, kml file, or email.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
Quote:Unfortunately there is not a reliable way to transfer a route via NMEA data.

apologies for dredging a slightly old post up & forgive my ignorance, but I would have thought that the nmea-0183 sentence GPRTE would have done the job of route transfer.

I can see that its not completely clean, since its a multi-sentence transfer. Is this the only reliability issue? Is that a major problem with TCP? [I can see it might be with UDP]

Quick question - Was the GPRTE feature for exporting routes from Inavx to a Raymarine C90W via an Imux ever implemented?

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