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Title: Exporting waypoints, routes, tracks
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iNavX can export waypoints, routes and tracks either to X-Traverse or an email address or an App (i.e. Google Earth) or another iDevice (using AirDrop) or to iCloud. Recommend doing so as a way of backing up.

If exporting to X-Traverse:

1) From the iNavX main menu, select "Preferences".

2) Select "X-Traverse Account".

3) Enter email address used for X-Traverse account and X-Traverse password. Note if you forgot them, then reset password..


4) Select a Chart from desired region.

Exporting Waypoints/Routes

5) Select "Waypoints" tab.

6) Select "Import/Export".

7) Select "Export Waypoints" or "Export Route". Note: If exporting a route be sure to select it first in the "Routes" view by selecting the blue disclosure button.

8) Select the format to export to. For backing up KMZ (Google Earth format) is recommended as it saves any photos associated with waypoints.

Exporting Tracks

5) Select "Tracks" tab.

6) Select "Export Tracks".

7) Select the format to export to. "Facebook" requires a Facebook account be linked to your X-Traverse account ..


Exporting to an App (Google Earth)

8) In Step 7 above select "Open In...".

9) Select "Google Earth".

10) To transfer the waypoints, routes, or track to a PC or Mac:
a) Connect iPad/iPhone to iTunes via the USB cable.
b) Select iPad in the "Device" section.
c) Select the "Apps" tab.
d) Find "Google Earth" in apps list.
e) Select "inbox" in the Google Earth Documents.
f) Select "Save To..." button to save the waypoints, routes, tracks to a folder on your PC or Mac.

Enabling AirDrop:

Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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