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Title: Feature request
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I have written an e-mail to INavx developers about adding a feature. I did receive a positive response from Inavx and I would like to follow that up by sending the developers some feed back about that feature. I am hoping enough users will think it is a good idea that INAVX developers will implement it.

Requested feature:

Tacking Vector:
A vector that extends out 90 deg (or adjustable) on each side of the boat icon. When you are sailing up wind to a mark when the tack vector touches your mark, you know it is time to tack at a glance. It should be on a toggle where you can turn it off.

My old Garmin gps has a similar feature that would give you a course correction, it will say L or R then deg, when the degree was at or near 90, it was time to tack over.

We use fixed points for the majority of races in our area. Most of the marks are out of visible sight of each other. This feature can also benefit cruising sailors.

Please post your thoughts about this feature. If you think it would be useful or not, and if that may sway you to pick inavx over another app.


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