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Title: GPS Antenna BU-353S4 and MacENC
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I'm not able to get the MacENC to recognize the antenna. I've followed all the directions. The computer (MacBookPro) recognizes the antenna. I see the green button and position, etc. on the computer but when I open MacENC it says unable to open port USBSERIAL. Again, the computer recognizes the antenna but MacENC doesn't.
Actually, I found the problem. I cannot have the gps antenna "connected" to the computer and also have it "connected" to Mac ENC. The correct way to get the antenna to work in Mac ENC is to plug it into the computer and then open only MacENC, not the antenna's GPS Utility. Then go to the GPS tab in Mac ENC and click "Connect". I think the antenna outputs its information to either the GPS Utility or Mac ENC but not both at the same time.
Thanks for posting the solution to the problem!
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 Jon Longworth

Thank's, resolve for me to!

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