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Title: GeoRacing : Watch your favorites races in 3D Live
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Hello everyone,

I introduce myself, Julien Fournier, and I work for the firm Trimaran (http://www.trimaran.com), a company specialized in CGI animation for television, film and sports events.

Recently Trimaran has launched an application called GeoRacing, a complete tracking solution and 3D visualization of outdoor sports competition (sailing being currently the only sport we follow).
This is possible thanks to the 3D reconstruction of places of competitions (geographical data like Google Earth) and competitors themselves (model boats).

GeoRacing allow you to follow all the major races of the season :

- ISAF World Cup Events (SOF, Delta Lloyd Regata, Kieler Woche...)
- 470 Worlds
- RC 44 Austria Cup

You can follow these events live on big screen, smartphones, or watch a replay whenever you want.
In addition, GeoRacing is a complete application, which offer you a full race tracking :

- Start line
- Ranking at mark, at gate and at finish line
- Intermediate ranking in C.M.G.
- Information about speed and heading
- Traces of boats

All our videos are available on our Youtube Channel via this link : http://www.youtube.com/user/GeoRacingGTS#p/p

Feel free to support us on Facebook, that will really help us : http://www.facebook.com/pages/GeoRacing-...7461923351

Wishing you a good viewing,

Team Trimaran.
Follow live the 34th Tour de France Voile (Sailing)
For all the Tour de France Voile, a GPS tracking system will be used.
The tracking is implemented by WAYPOINT-TRACKING with the use of GPS trackers from MYLAPS and the 3D visualization solution GeoRacing from TRIMARAN.
Better than Reality:

Go on the Live Tracking Portal, to see Live or Replay of all Inshore races and learn the intricacies of the regatta, invisible on water: start, speed and heading of vessels, tacticals actions. All races will be available in 2D.
2 live days will be available in 3D with GeoRacing:

- Saturday, June 25th in Dunkerque, from 10:30
- Friday, July 22th in Marseille, from 11h00
Races of your choice on our site : www.waypoint-tracking.com
Contact: Christine BRIAND - WAYPOINT-TRACKING - email: christine.briand@wanadoo.fr
28, rue Abraham Duquesne 17000 la Rochelle - Fixe : +33(0)5 46 27 06 07 - Port. +33(0)6 12 90 65 12
You miss the 34th Tour de France sailing this weekend?
You want to see the entire race in 2D or 3D?

This content is available via a link on our Facebook page.

Join usSmile
Here, a little summary of the "Prologue" of the Tour de France 2011 :


Enjoy Smile
wow!!! thanks a lot I did enjoy
reconstruction of places of competitions (geographical data like Google Earth) and competitors themselves (model boats). rs 3 gold
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