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Title: NMEA 0183 TXT
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We have developed a deep penetrating electromagnetic FORWARD & LEEWAY speed log. The NMEA 0183 (VMVBW) is not currently supported by iNavX, so we are looking to utilize the TXT feature that is supported. Documentation on this is tough to come by. I would like to display FWD, LEE, and boat ANGLE as a TXT message in 3 separate "instrument" labels. Or, rotate the 3 in one instrument label. Updates of the field(s) would be about 1x per second. So far, I can show one message one time.

Any help would be appreciated! Great app BTW!


Mockup of screen:
Reference for TXT use:

Update: The text updates just fine. So, the only question I have: Is there a way to show different text boxes on the instrument and chart display?(i.e., FWD: 1.23 LEE: 0.45 ANG: 2.23 Each being separate labels/boxes in the chart and instrument displays.

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