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Title: Navigating to a Waypoint
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1) Launch MacENC or GPSNavX from the "Applications" folder.

2) Connect to the GPS receiver via "Connect" on the "GPS" menu.

3) Select "Open" on the "Waypoints" menu.

4) Select the desired waypoint and select the "Goto" button.

The distance, bearing, time, etc. to the waypoint will be shown on the "Waypoint" tab of the "Navigation" panel in MacENC or the "Chart Settings" panel of GPSNavX. These panels are available on the "Window" menu.

Another way to activate a waypoint is to [control] click on it's name on the chart and select "Goto" from the context menu.

The "Cancel" button on the "Waypoint" tab can be selected to end navigation to a waypoint.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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