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Title: Navionics Charts from X-Traverse with MacENC
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Navionics offer the most extensive detailed chart coverage. They are also the fastest rendering charts and most economical.

1) Purchase the Navionics region(s) desired from X-Traverse ..


2) Activate and download the charts on your Mac following all of these steps ..


3) Launch MacENC from the "Applications" folder. Note: Requires MacENC version 8 or later and a Mac with an Intel processor.

4) Select "Chart Manager" on the "File" menu.

5) Select "Add Chart Folder..." button.

6) Select the FOLDER where the Navionics region has been downloaded.

7) On the "View" menu select "Navionics Charts" to turn on display of the Navionics charts in the Chart window.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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