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Title: Problem to drive autopilot via nmea
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Hi all,
I'm using inavx on ipad.
I've got a big problem.
When I fix a waypoint and try to send information to autopilot via nmea... it doesn't work correctly
The pitch and roll that is normal under sail give a wrong information, and the pilot drive away from right route.

I tried with ipad in every position, and using bearing and route.....
Nothing to do, It doesn't work.....

Anyone with the same problem?
Hi Fabrizio,

You may also want to report your problem to iNavX support at this site:

iNavX Support

(Click the "Support" tab on the left edge.)

— —•••  •••— —
 Jon Longworth

I reported to iNavx...
Waiting for reply, just to know if anyone used iNavx to drive autopilot and had the same problem....

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