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Title: Remote Boat Monitoring app
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I thought you should know about a new app we have recently released for iPhone and Android called Boat Monitor. Boat Monitor allows you to monitor your boat's position from onshore when you leave it anchored or at the dock. Now you can use your existing devices to keep track of your boat's position and receive alerts wherever you are if your vessel drifts outside of a 'safe zone' that you set up.

We recently got a great review in the Panbo marine electronics blog. Since the article we have released the iOS version (there is a link to it on our website below) and added the ability to set an exclusion zone in the anchor radius, to alert you when the wind shifts, etc.

Let me know if I can answer any questions. You can find our app by searching for 'boat monitor' in the app store or the Android market.

All the best,

Kevin Suggitt

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