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Title: Removing Charts
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1) From the iNavX main menu select the region.

2) Use a swipe gesture to remove a specific chart


3) Select the specific chart you wish to remove (name will be in a bold font). Note: The World Chart cannot be removed.

4) Select the "i"nfo button in the lower right hand corner of the chart.

5) Select Action button in the upper left hand corner.

6) Select "Remove Chart". Select "Yes" for the individual chart or "All.." for all charts in the region.

7) To turn off a region on the main menu return to the iNavX main menu and select "Add More Charts To Menu". Note: Turning off a region does not delete the charts.

8) Select the Chart source (i.e. NOAA, Navionics).

9) Select "OFF" for the region to disable.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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