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Title: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Arrival
Day 7. I've been at sea for a week since leaving Hawaii. The wind and seas have been favorable for the most part, allowing Blue Moon to move gracefully through the ocean at 7 to 10 knots. The seas have been rough at times and there have been dozens of squalls to sail around if possible or through if not. One night several thunderstorms surrounded Blue Moon with lighting above, around, and in all directions. I sailed for several hours through the night steering to avoid and sailing away from the thunderstorms and at one point finding myself surrounded by thunderstorms and lightning. Once past the thunderstorms I could look back in the distance and watch the light show the lightning displayed behind me.

The University of Hawaii conducts Marine Biology research which includes analysis of the wind, waves, currents and different types of debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to track the location of the debris and where it is concentrated. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch can move around, so it's not always in the same place. Jan Haffner of the University of Hawaii has been sending his updated analysis of where the largest sections of debris are located, and we have just entered the South East corner of the high concentration section of their chart. Hopefully, I will see some debris and be able to send photos today. I will be taking water samples today, and for the next four days, and will conduct other data collection procedures for the various research institutions today as well.

I am currently at 32°32.98'N 149°14.06'W 11/7/2018 08:33:48 Hawaiian Time

Be sure to track me on http://www.svbluemoon.com/voyage
Capt. Salty Russ
USCG 100T Ocean Master
Jeanneau 52.2
Thanks for the update! That sounds like a pretty harrowing experience. Thankfully I didn't encounter thunder and lightening on my trip across the Pacific Ocean, just another thing to make me nervous. I'm kinda glad I didn't go on this trip with you, but also would love to see a lightning storm in the middle of the ocean (at a distance).

Hope you find that garbage and your research is a success! I'm keeping an eye on your tracker!
Thanks Sam,
I'll be posting photos and details of what I saw in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch here shortly.
Capt. Salty Russ
USCG 100T Ocean Master
Jeanneau 52.2

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