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Title: Using Tiled Chart
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iNavX includes a "Tiled Chart" entry in the Chart List of NOAA Raster Charts.

1) You will need to have an active X-Traverse account. Sign up for an X-Traverse account here..


Note: Only use characters 0..9 and/or A..Z and/or a..z for the account password.

2) There is a new NOAA Region which covers all NOAA chart coverage. To enable the "Tiled Chart" for this region please add this product to your X-Traverse account..


3) From the iNavX main menu, select "Preferences", then select "X-Traverse Account" and enter your Email and Password.

4) From the iNavX main menu select the NOAA Region (i.e. East, West) then select "00000_2 Tiled Chart".

The Tiled Chart presents a seamless continuous chart. Any individual chart can be loaded by tapping on the chart within the red rectangles and selecting it from the pop over menu. To return to the "Tiled Chart" tap the back button, then tap "Tiled Chart".

You will need an internet connection to download the tiles, but they are cached on your iDevice so you can continue to use them with offline. To clear the cache, select "i"nfo button in the lower right hand corner of the chart then select the action button in the upper left hand corner of the chart and select "Remove Chart" or "Update Chart".

NOTE: The individual NOAA charts do not require an X-Traverse account or X-Traverse product to function.

More Info Here
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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