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Title: waterproof iPhone case?
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My iPhone lives in a 'snack size' ziplock 7-24. If I am going to be in danger of falling in I double up with new bags. Bag gets changed about once an week in any event. I use a silicone slip-on case that winds up the ear buds and being in the zip lock it slips in and out of my pocket easily, which is NOT the case with the silicone cover. Also I use the ear buds with the phone in my pocket and the wire lead under my shirt. The slippery ziplock makes dropping the phone through the shirt easy.

By the way, the zip lock does not interfere with the touch screen and when new the visibility is almost perfect.
Found this one, so far looks like the one I might buy

The H2O AMPHIBX Armband, when combined with the waterproof headphones, is the first integrated, wearable, and waterproof music solution. It fits many MP3 players and phones but it is designed for the iPod Touch and iPhone, and it will keep those really nice and expensive devices safe under water. H2O audio also recommends the armband during surfing and triathlon training.

The H2O AMPHIBX Armband will run $69.99 for a medium and $79.99 for a large.

H2O Audio AMPHIBX features

* LatchTight™ Locking Closure provides a 100% watertight secure seal up to 12ft/3.6m underwater
* ClearTouch Window™ enables complete operation of touch and click wheel controls even under water
* SealTight™ Connector Compatible with all standard 3.5mm headphone plugs
* Dual Flex Rings allow comfort plus secure fit for most arm sizes
* Floats even with device inside
* Fits all iPod models including iPod touch and iPhone and most other mp3 players and phones
iWPC Ewa-Marine waterproof bag made in Germany
What to do if your iPhone gets wet
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
See the Pocket Solution's site

There is a hard waterproof case.

Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
Stumbled into this interesting, if not hugely expensive and oddly timed Magellan ToughCase for the iPhone 3GS. Definitely paying the boat tax on this one...
Life is a journey, not a guided tour.

I bought this case and it works to perfection. It is $10, fully functional while in the case, and literally you can dunk it in a bowl of water and it stays completely dry. Trust me, buy this and it's all you need. Here is the link to the site:


Check it out!
Try Drycase, Reccomend itI use it every time I am on a boat. Can even answer the phone with the integrated Earbud connection.
Great series of posts.  There's also cost effective preventive measures one could take.  iLoc is a great inexpensive solution for a waterproof case. Being a new entrant, they're even giving away iLocs on their site at http://www.ilocstore.com. If you're not looking to spend a lot and looking for a quick disposable option, this might be it.

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