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Title: Chart Datum
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Just a while ago I decided to try Mr.Tides. The program seems to work pretty well, alas, it us useles to me right now. To be able to use the shown height, one should know the chart datum, the plane from where these heigts are measured. There is LAT (lowest astronomical tide) NAP Nieuw Amsterdams Peil ect. Wich one is Mr.Tides using? I couldn't find it anywhere and without knowing the chart datum the results are no good to me. I would humbly suggest that the chart datum should be shown alongside the heights.
For the US, the tide datum is MLLW. For most of the rest of the world it's LAT. Why doesn't Mr. Tides say what the datum is? Because no-one has asked for it before. I'm currently rewriting Mr. Tides to be Lion-compatible and I can add this in to the information presented. As far as being "useless", well that's your opinion but I view it as hyperbole and tend to ignore it.
I meant no offense, for the rest the app works excellent. It's just that I'm a hydrography student and for me it is 'useless' without the chart datum. So again, meant no offense, the word 'useless' was applicable to my approach to the program. Thank you for your answer, I can now work with the data produced by the program.
I must apologize, my comment was rude and uncalled-for. I was wrong to say it. I should have read your post to be "I need this functionality can you add it" rather than "you idiot you didn't do this one thing that I need yesterday and I hate your program it's useless". I forget sometimes that if words have this effect on me, that they can have the same effect on others. My apologies.
No problem, you're doing a great job!
Looking foreward to the lion version. Do you know if you'll add my suggestion yet?
It's on the list Smile The datum is already stored in the database so it won't be hard to show it somewhere in the program.

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