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Title: Chart management ?
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Hi All,

Just started using inavx on the iPad and have a question.

Is there a better way to manage charts than to select and download one at a time? For instance, I will be traveling from Mobile bay down to Tampa along the ICW. I have already downloaded the group from mobile to Tampa. But, for each single chart I get the option to download the entire gulf set. If I do that, how can I delete the charts to the west of mobile?

I am having the same issue with the inland river section from mobile to Muscatine, Iowa. Is there a group or mark and delete function?


Best to download entire NOAA regions (i.e. NOAA East, NOAA Gulf). If you want to delete individual charts you can follow these steps ..


In iNavX 3.5.8 (Just submitted to Apple for review), you will be able to swipe any chart in the chart list to remove it.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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