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Title: Coastal Exporer
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iNavX can work as a remote to Coastal Explorer. Using the NMEA data Coastal Explorer receives.

1) Launch the latest version of Coastal Explorer.

2) Select "Tools > Configure Vessel and Electronics..."

3) Select "Data Ports"

4) Select "Data Server..."

5) Check "Enable Data Server"

6) Launch iNavX.

7) Select "Setup" from iNavX main menu.

8) Select "TCP/IP" NMEA Client.

9) Enter the Host, which is the the IP address displayed in Coastal Explorer "Data Server" "IP Address:"

10) Enter the Port, which is the value displayed in the Coastal Explorer "Data Server" "TCP Port:"

11) Select "OK" in Coastal Explorer to begin sharing the NMEA data.

11) Select "Link" in iNavX to make the connection.

12) Any NMEA data received into Coastal Explorer will be sent to iNavX and displayed in the monitor in the iNavX TCP/IP NMEA Client view.

More info on iNavX instruments..

Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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