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Title: Connecting GPS Antenna to Mac
How do I get hold of a "connector" that will allow me to attach my Garmin GPS antenna to my G4 Mac Powerbook so I can use my new MacENC program? The cord from the antenna, at the stern of my sailboat, has a bayonet BNC connector. I need to get an device that accepts the BNC at one end and has a BUS port on the other end. I mean, really, why do I need to get a new antenna?

Dixon in Michigan
Not sure why you would want to connect an antenna to your Mac (As a Mac does not have a built-in GPS receiver) What you probably would prefer to do is interface your Garmin GPS receiver to your Mac and MacENC. If you can tell me the model, I can tell you how to do so.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
Or why not buy the GlobalSat BU-353 WaterProof USB GPS Receiver It's about 35-40 bucks US and will plug into your mac directly.

Because one might want to share waypoints, routes, and tracks with their onboard Garmin. Or they have a steel cabin making BU-353 USB GPS reception not feasible. Otherwise the BU-353 USB GPS is a good option.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
I used the wrong word.

Not antenna. GPS receiver.

I want to use the one I have (on the rail in the cockpit, with 20+ feet of cable already running to the Nav Station) to hook into my G4 Mac, with new ENC software. I need to have a way to connect the BNC bayonet thing to a short adapter with USB at the other end which will, of course, link receiver to Mac G4.

The goal here is to move the smaller, waterproof Garmin GPS MAP 220 (no longer made, but works great) out to the helm, with both systems running off the same receiver (T-joint will run some of my excess cable up the binnacle to where I'll put the G220.

Thanks for responding.
The boat, BTW, is a classic plastic T41 (Lochaber). See her at www.sailtartan.blogspot.com

MacENC uses NMEA data to navigate with. The Garmin antenna itself does not have the ability to send the NMEA data to a Mac or MacENC. Instead you must interface to the Garmin GPS receiver through its power data cable. The power data cable has NMEA out, NMEA in and ground. They can be connected to the following cable ..


Which in turn is connected to a Keyspan adapter that plugs into the USB port on your Mac ..


On the GPSMap220 the round connector:

Pin 2 black is ground
Pin 3 blue is NMEA out
Pin 4 brown is NMEA in

More here for configuring MacENC to use the NMEA data via a Keyspan adapter ..


Or if you prefer not to bother with the wiring it is far simpler to use a BU-353 USB GPS as reference in an earlier post. It plugs into the Macs USB port.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
OK: I guess, for the sake of simplicity, that I'll stick with two systems. Move the Garmin 220 up to the helm, then buy another receiver --- the BU-353 USB GP --- (I've seen these, but wonder how long the cord is? How to get a Longer Cord? ) and hook it up to the Mac G4. I thought a GPS receiver was a GPS receiver. So I have to have two, one for each system. Now, where to put the 353?

Really don't want to jump through all the hoops to have the two talk to each other, etc. In my thinking, it'll be good to have two separate systems, one to back up the other, one to compare stats with the other. Still am gonna need yet a third receive for radar purposes.

Yes you can add a USB extension cable to a BU-353. I find the BU-353 works fine below if place near a port or window.

The BU-353 is actually a better receiver then your old Garmin.
Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38
Thanks. Stay tuned!

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