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Title: Future of Mr. Tides
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After reading all the posts above and understanding the pros and cons of tide extrapolation I can say that I find the tide arrows for Long Island Sound, as displayed in "Coastal Explorer" , a great help in deciding if sailing down the middle of the Sound is an advantage or heading over to the shore is a boost. This art of extrapolation is just a guide and nothing more. Sometimes it is dead on accurate and others not so helpful. In any case, as long as you are keeping a good watch, tide arrows on the electronic chart should only be viewed as a possible aide not a hard set law one can sue on. Just like the disclaimer at the beginning of every GPS startup there should be one for tide prediction and extrapolation.
An iPhone application, great!

I now use the export to iCal option to load it into my iPhone.
Since the iPhone doesn't support multiple agenda's it kind of messes up my overview. And I am missing that clear graphic interface.

While an iPhone app would be great arrows in MacENC would be awesome!
August, I've got the offical digital version of the dutch tide tables plus vector charts of 2007 if you would like to have them to do some benchmark test plse let me know and I'll mail them to you.


Great to hear you are working on this thx Smile
Where are you at with current directions? It's been a while since the last post. I for one would at be happy to at least have the flood and ebb direction for a current station, even if it's listed in the 'text' window of Mr. Tides.

This all came a bit real to me yesterday while coming through Spieden Channel at the north end of San Juan Island. I could not find the direction for Limestone Point (the closest current station) in either Mr. Tides or in the S-57 data on MacENC, and had to go to other sources to plan the timing. I timed my passage at slack turning to flood, which is supposed to flow eastward (my direction of travel). Even with that I found a 3kt current on the nose, which probably points out some of the problems with vectors.

Regardless, having the basic station flood/ebb direction would be very useful in planning, particularly for those places (such as the San Juans and Aleutians) where directions are not always obvious.
Rich and I have been busy with iPhone development but we haven't forgotten that this is a very-desired feature. I'm thinking of multithreading the map display and having the current station dots become arrows reflecting the ebb/flood status of the station, but that'll require a bit of coding and I'm not sure how it will affect the speed of the map. I'll keep you updated on my progress as soon as I have some to report Smile
Regardless of the arrows on the charts, it would be useful to have two additional fields on the text pages indicating the ebb and flow direction, similar to the footnotes at the bottom of each page in the Ports and Passages tables. Don't know if that's in the source xTides data or not.
most of the current stations have that information. I'll add it somewhere obvious so you don't have to hunt for it.
Not sure I'm interpreting your last comment correctly - is the data in Mr Tides now but I'm just not finding it? Or is it in the xTides data but not shown on the Mr. Tides screen. If the former, where is it? I hunted all over the Limestone Point screens (a substation), and San Juan Channel (the corresponding reference station) but couldn't find it. Did I miss it?.
It's information that's in the data files for most of the current stations, but I don't display it. I'll add it in somewhere, just not sure where!
I was just looking for Tidal Current Staion direction of flood & ebb in Mr. Tides and could not find it. ??????

No Worries though, I just fired up the iPhone and AyeTides and there it was.


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