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Title: MaxSea/Furuno Time Zero at Miami Boat Show
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ActiveCaptain Wrote:Your math needs a little work.

Defender's price for the full software is about $340.

The $340 PLUS another $180 or so for the AIS module, which according to Maxsea's website is an added module for the Navigator. That's over $500 right there. Plus, Maxsea is only compatible with their charts. Yes, they include one region and that's fine if you only sail in one region, but if not, then more bucks, while MacENC has access to a vast range of free vector charts. I know they're often not as 'good' but we're talking value here. Now I know Maxsea is a great product - I've used it myself in the past, but it's still EXPENSIVE! And...you still have that stupid dongle.

jagasail Wrote:The $340 PLUS another $180...And...you still have that stupid dongle.

1. The AIS module is included in the US version. I don't honestly know about other countries.

2. There is no dongle. Licensing is all soft. You can uninstall from one computer and re-install on another. There's no hardware piece or anything needed.

3. All US charts come with the product - vector and raster. These are the exact same chart files that Furuno uses on their newer chartplotters and radars. For obvious reasons, they are kept very current. They have the best cartography I've ever seen because they use the best sources for each part of the region. Some is HO ENC charts, some C-Map, some Navionics, some third party. For example, if you've been to the Bahamas you know that the Explorer charts are the best ones out there. Those are the charts that make up the Bahamas region in MaxSea/Furuno.

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