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Title: Inexpensive Multi Monitor Mac-ENC Solution for under $400
So after a bit of poking around, here's the solution I'm installing on my Dehler 101 (33ft)

Start with a Mac running MacENC (laptop or Mini)

Power your computer off your boat's battery via a supply from http://mikegyver.com/IdeasnProducts/Index.html They make great DC to DC converters for Minis and MBPros with that propitiatory Magsafe connector $120 for a refurb unit with a 1 year warranty

GPS via BU-353: GlobalSat BU-353 Waterproof USB GPS Receiver Selling now for as little as $36

Remote monitors added via USB powered Monitors (as many as you want to add no video cards needed). I bought Century's Plus One 8-inch USB monitor. It's an 800x600 monitor... Not waterproof but at less than $175 and in my small environment I'm routing an opening to insert Lexan and placing the monitor behind that. They also make a pretty cool 4.5inch model as well selling for under $100 each. I guess you could make an enclosure to mount outside too if you were so inclined

Add inexpensive USB cables for about $30 and you are done

Cost outside of your computer and software with a few odds and ends for mounting is well under $400 for a laptop and a remote 8 inch monitor.

I'll post pictures soon

Are you using the monitor in mirror mode or as desktop extender?

How about sunlight readability? Or you're only using the monitor inside?

Mirror mode. This particular monitor is "OK" outdoors but not great. Given the expense of outdoor specific monitors, this was the choice for me given the cost/value equation. I'm placing down next to my engine control cluster and thus not usually in direct sunlight. On crossings at night, I'm most interested in the ability to monitor real time the commercial traffic.

I was talking to a sailor who thought about simple weatherproofing and sunshade for use in a more exposed environment. He summized a simple lexan box open at the bottom with a foam bung to allow breathability without hazard from splashes.

Made sense to me. Again, it's all about cost/value without breaking the bank in this instance (I'm sailing a 33 ft 22 year old boat)
I poked around to find a place to buy the century monitor without success. What vendor did you use.


here you go. 155usd


Light performance is OK, I tuck it out of direct light and like it fine

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