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Title: Connecting to NMEA data over WiFi
iNavX has the ability to connect to NMEA data (i.e. GPS, AIS, Instruments) via a WiFi connection. The source of the NMEA data can be a shared server, a PC / Mac, or WiFi multiplexer. All one needs to know is the IP address and the port of the server.

Configuration guides..

Mac with MacENC

PC with Coastal Explorer

PC with PolarCOM

Brookhouse iMux


DigitalYacht iAIS or WLN10

ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi

Chetco Digital Instruments SeaSmart WiFi


Mølgaard Marine SeaMate1A

SailTimer Wind Vane

vYacht NMEA Wifi Router

Video of using Brookhouse iMux with iNavX on iPad ..

Scott Dillon
Sydney Australia
North Shore 38

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